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At this point what difference does it make? I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens Hey, You! Yeah, draw too much! Give a man a hamburger and he'll eat for a day teach a man to hamburger and he'll live forever  I don't always talk to queers but when I do his name is Nick Money is an everywhere gift card Gets circumcised Wakes up with a vagina

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 Blane Curry Blane Curry Blane Curry Blane Curry I DON'T ALWAYS VOTE... BUT WHEN I DO, I VOTE FOR SHARON GAETZ I DON'T ALWAYS VOTE... But when i do i vote for sharon Gaetz i'm Not saying it's gonna be syracuse but it's gonna be syracuse  наша ца If you’re driving a stolen Tesla Would it be considered an Edison?

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Youre going for a walk tonight?? Where are we going? Your car has a body kit? It must go extremely fast prince charles warns about global warming walks out after his conference and gets severe frostbite I got my wife pregnant now I have no one to drink with. I made a Facebook status update no one liked it  I don't always have a fantastic beard oh wait, yes I do this is what randium looks liks when nunez messes with the fff server once again I don't always think about safety at work, but when I don't, I usually get hurt I don't always correct someone's spelling but when I do I google it first so I don't make an ass of myself  I'm determined to get a smut partner Every day I ask thanos why I survived Mark Zuckerberg - steals people’s information and sells it Now everyone knows what you did o.0 ACCIDENTALLY RECEIVES NUDES FROM SISTER I don’t always post on Facebook But when I do, everyone makes fun of me