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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens joins discord channel doesnt meme in the #meme At this point what difference does it make? Found your porn magazines cut out all the faces and put mine instead Bazi geceler Seninle islandi gozlerim yoklugun da varligin da acisiyla benzer sevgilim..
uyu simdi zaten benimle konusmuyorsun .. Our parents gave us usernames for real life  Not bad When bald people wash their face how far up do they go?

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50, 60, 150, 160 people who have been associated with me and bill are dead since they're dead, at this point...what does it matter?? vashiakarn mantra  91-9950155702 vashikaran mantra, apecialist I SELDOM SEND SENTIMENTS BUT I ALWAYS TELL CUZ JERRY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i wore out my hands making diapers for 229 pound refugee babies i don't always use @everyone but when i do, it's not meant for everyone. Chicks dig me Because I rarely wear underwear and I donated to st  Jude Chicks dig me Because I really wear underwear, and I donate to St JUde online vashikaran mantra 9950155702  love spells

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If a 99 pound girl eats 1 pound of nachos is she 1% nacho? hEY, I'm out of gas, can you gimme a ride? farts in your car sees your name on the cheese in the fridge writes down your name on the ham muh legasee iz bein doun sho nuff!! wen eyem owt eye kan talkk ful ghetto...phinallly!!!!!!   Can one simply walk into Mordor? Wants to fuck Siri Fucks iPhone I dont always talk about sgt. payne but when i do its funny as shit Yes I was given debate Questions Why it doesn't matter Trump Trump will be President. Hey Pan *hugs* Oh, you're 20 and can eat anything without gaining weight? That will probably last forever. when you have a hot girlfriend and you say this to you're friends stay thirsty my friends I don't always vote but when I do, I vote sailor for secretary PartyGirl567😘 roleplay I left for Vietnam as a boy I came back as a monster