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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens  Not bad I DON'T GO TO THE GYM OFTEN BUT WHEN I DO I MAKE SURE ALL MY FRIENDS KNOW ABOUT IT. At this point what difference does it make?  I don't always go to Starbucks but when I do, I reject the ordering etiquette and ask for a large black coffee Hey baldy You can't put a plow on a toyota  not bad

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I'm not saying it's jews it's jews  Vashikaran Mantra for Love I don’t always post on Facebook But when I do, everyone makes fun of me  Studds Helmets Social Bookmarking Website Social Bookmarking Website  Social Bookmarking Website NO 1 ONLINE BEST SPELL CASTER INUSA,UK,CANDIA,AUSTRALIA, 27784353114 BEST LOST LOVE SPELL CASTER 27784353114

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Walks in on parents having sex Gets a boner Lock and load! Now give me that phone you punk as 8 year old! And aaiii iaiii will always love you  Seed Accepted put that cookie down now! Silly boy, you didn't lose your keys, they're right here. I just borrowed them to make a few spare copies. I DONT ALWAYS TALK TO QUEERS But when I do I tell my cuz.... Jerry keep it in the closet i'm not in a cage you are in a cage you swore you'd leave if trump was elected you haven't so your golden ticket is one way to siberia. dress warm! I don't always think about safety at work, but when I don't, I usually get hurt I just punched Dat BOTTAY!!! Your car has a body kit? It must go extremely fast My commute to work is so short my car only gets warm when I get there Can you pass me a slice of Pepsi I mean coke i don't give a fuck