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Touched by jesus In Mexican prison They said my pitch was sharp I showed them sharp I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens  Not bad At this point what difference does it make? Gets circumcised Wakes up with a vagina you swore you'd leave if trump was elected you haven't so your golden ticket is one way to siberia. dress warm! Scarier Then Sprightrap eh?

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Hey there Charlie Welcome to my world of imagination after 500 years in the americas at least most of us look worse than i do!! she wrote with a pen that didn't exist but i get laughed at because i typed it!!!! muh legasee iz bein doun sho nuff!! wen eyem owt eye kan talkk ful ghetto...phinallly!!!!!! you loved your pot pie in a mexican restaurant? You'll love matzo ball soup in an iraninan one!!! no black parent should be afraid their child won't come home when they attempt a home invasion!!!! you swore you'd leave if trump was elected you haven't so your golden ticket is one way to siberia. dress warm! I AM my Own Monster

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why the fuck  do u care I don't always wish a happy birthday a John Martin look-a-like sleeping? why tf aren't you texting me back aphmau  I did not have sexual relations with those emails  I THink it sucks. Who fucks who first You, or the iPhone? I don't always look at hardcore but when I do it's Lucy Doll During Vietnam I had to choose between life or death I chose the clarinet Wins Nobel Peace Prize Bombs 3 countries Has a fight Shits bugh bugh And aaiii iaiii will always love you Bazi geceler Seninle islandi gozlerim yoklugun da varligin da acisiyla benzer sevgilim..
uyu simdi zaten benimle konusmuyorsun .. I don't always correct someone's spelling but when I do I google it first so I don't make an ass of myself I don't always solve crimes but when I do people think I'm in a relationship with my partner