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When you dance naked And your mom walks in I DONT ALWAYS TALK TO QUEERS But when I do I tell my cuz.... Jerry keep it in the closet Found your porn magazines cut out all the faces and put mine instead At this point what difference does it make? I want to eat chips but I can't hear my TV over the crunching I dont always cry but when i do, im about to lose  my shit! I DONT ALWAYS TALK TO QUEERS But when I do I tell my cuz.... Jerry keep it in the closet Transvestite or Transgender. What difference does it make!!

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 Run, Randi! Run! EVERYBODY IS A CRITIC I EAT HYPOCRITICAL PEOPLE When you expect a good remake But your character isn't In tune with the show So I'm animated now?

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If it wasn't aliens It was aliens Avatar based on a true story i don't give a fuck muh legasee iz bein doun sho nuff!! wen eyem owt eye kan talkk ful ghetto...phinallly!!!!!! COMES TO YOUR HOUSE FOR A PARTY HELPS CLEAN UP BEFORE HE LEAVES Makes a chocolate milkshake Yard gets filled with boys Hey, You! Yeah, draw too much! I do not always drink beer but when I do...good luck being safe Autocucumber Why u fuck iPhone Wants to fuck Siri Fucks iPhone creates server about his my colony commonwealth spams it with bots Does this  Confuse you? Leave me alone if your not going to roleplay. it's a criminal act when our children face 10 years in prison just for destroying other people's property, setting fires, and charging police. dresses like this so they cant tell he's a meth dealer I don't Often Manually Edit Config Files But When I Do its in Production