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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens  Not bad When bald people wash their face how far up do they go? Fuck me in the ass Harder harder faster faster Marilize Legajuana Yo Got any dank memes? How did I get a job? Aliens Spying is fun and all but y'all watch some messed up porn

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I don't always wish a Happy birthday.... but when i do it's for robie. stay sexy my friend. love spells Jakes Blunts Bens The swagger Abducted Is the only possible conclusion Gerry I don’t always do X-ray ted I don’t always with a Happy Birthday. But when I do, it is for you Carlos. Stay sexy my friend.  Attorney Robert Pascal

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Oh, you started running? Please tweet about it daily Am I the only one around here who doesn't upvote reposts? COMES TO YOUR HOUSE FOR A PARTY HELPS CLEAN UP BEFORE HE LEAVES Dear Owl, I'd really rather not. Plans his own Birthday party Isn't invited. I fuck men for I have run out of women Doesthis confuse you? I drink Starbucks on April fool's day or after bad haircuts I don't always wish a Happy birthday.... but when i do it's for robie. stay sexy my friend. mom was on pill and still got pregnant i am the 0.1% I can't believe I ate the whole thing I DON'T ALWAYS GET TO THE GYM... BUT WHEN I DO IT MAKES ME FEEL EVEN MORE IRRESISTIBLE. STAY FIT MY FRIENDS. Ghostbusters... Y U No tell me number to call?? I don't always observe DH's But when I do, they better not have granny panties I spent too long taking a picture of my plate Now my food is cold I SELDOM SEND SENTIMENTS BUT I ALWAYS TELL CUZ JERRY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!