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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens I dont always wish a Happy Birthday But when I do its for you Barry i'll add any non-offensive memes to the bot adds meme that destroys lilithvia aliens didn't make this football leagre disappear the players did and it's absolutely no mystery why!!!! Wants  to   be   A  Steeler Ready        to             meet Michael Vick  At this point what difference does it make? lui e'in pellegrinaggio... ...a San Faustino...

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I don’t always post But when I do I’m annoyed LOL  I'm not saying it was a Gloster Gladiator... But it was a Gloster Gladiator! I'm not saying it was E.T. ... But someone did phone home.  I don’t Facebook anymore, but when I do, It’s to thank y’all for the Birthday wishes  I don’t always post on Facebook but when I do it’s goofy

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DM me  if wanna role play But my mouth hurts from the drillin And you didn't give me numbin drugs.. ugly girl u play hard to get when u already impossible to want!!! Seasons 2015/16 Chelsea Fan Dude, my mouth tastes like I'm thirsty They should send a Mars rover to earth  Private pooch reporting for duty  people gotta be bitches I can't believe I ate the whole thing Money is an everywhere gift card goes to cafe rio gets green chile pork  grows up and finds out he was a meme gets laid because of it Has sex for the first time Long lost sister Happy Birthday to the most interesting Brother-in-law in the world......Paul DeHaven Stay Thirsty my friend! I'm not saying it was the internet but it was the internet