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Frowning Obama

It's President Obama with a frowning face. Used to mark either sadness or indifference to a situation.

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I can't kill the terrorists... They're all my relatives!!! Wins Nobel Peace Prize Bombs 3 countries Not Bad For a Russian muh legasee iz bein doun sho nuff!! wen eyem owt eye kan talkk ful ghetto...phinallly!!!!!!

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Never Wow Obama   what are you looking at when i get mad at the poleece i burn down the whitehouse andrew duda spada ci..... twoja mina lepsza niż moja what the shit?  Exactly.

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Spying is fun and all but y'all watch some messed up porn after all i did to stop him  trump still won where's hillary's number??? she's got to say what difference does it make!!!!  Not bad For a crybaby trump just dismantled the finest triumph of my legacy!!! all my research dressing in drag and scouting out men's rest  rooms just went down the drain!! damn this swamp draining!!!! Sorry it took so long to get you a copy of my birth certificate I was too busy killing Osama bin Laden They found oil in Australia but they already have democracy I can't kill the terrorists... They're all my relatives!!! andrew duda spada ci..... twoja mina lepsza niż moja Promises change changes promise i had a pen and i had a phone. that damn trump has both too and is wiping out all the shit i did!!!!!!!!!!! i reject whatever trump says my pen and phone couldn't get me a third term damnit!!!! ''Navy Seals Killed Bin laden, not Obama'' HE issues all the goddamn exucitive orders, it's in the name. ''Commander in cheif.'' They teach you this in the 3rd grade! so i wiretapped trump, so what?? the sheeple didn't care that i was born in kenya...i'll still be above any u. s. law since i'm the magic mulatto!!! Not Bad For a Russian  Exactly.

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