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PTSD Clarinet Boy

PTSD Clarinet Boy is based on a double exposure portrait of a redheaded boy dressed in a school band uniform holding a clarinet. A full-body image of the uniformed boy gazing out is superimposed on to the back of his head. The captions typically emulate the first-person accounts of a war veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, interpreting the dual images of the boy as him mulling over the past.

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My life is pain You weren't there, man. You weren't there. My favorite meal? chocolate and the blood of my enemies During Vietnam I had to choose between life or death I chose the clarinet

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 When you rember working at subway Then realise that you still work at Subway Dude! Just get my address from Mom! I've just pissed my pants... ...and nobody can do anything about it Every day I ask thanos why I survived Mark Zuckerberg - steals people’s information and sells it Now everyone knows what you did o.0 The CIA Is listening The CIA Is listening

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How bout  this huh? They put my head in the school toilets I put their bodies in a wood chipper Every single day I ask God why I survived War war never changes steals a tv posts one liners I went into Russia And came out a spy  They unfriended me from Facebook I unfriended them from life  dresses like this so they cant tell he's a meth dealer My favorite meal? Coffee and the blood of my enemies. The CIA Is listening My life is pain Revenge it will be swift.  It will be silent.  It will be bloody. Twenty of us walked onstage to perform I was the only one to walk off I am in a world of shit

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