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I'm not saying it was aliens but it was aliens If 2020 was a Zoom call  I can't see shit! Calculator giving unexpected results? Radians Benn said he built this? Aliens helped (Big drip, yeah) Ice chain, pure water (Ice, ice, ice) You got the cash, but can't afford 'em (Cash, no) You got the bag, but can't afford 'em  i cut your pee pee off If Ancient Aliens didn't exist how did they build everything?

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 Don’t get cheap on me, Pera Super-Diabeties It's Super Effective  I thought you said you were fishing at the CREEK! The Creek is a fucking bar Ever notice that the one holding the flame thrower Is usually the one telling you that you have a short fuse? Well uh Kill her my high School Year was Amazingly Autistic We don't have no beer just tequila

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Bitch PLEASE Shut up and  dance with me When think of tough I think ford trucks! When I think bowtie I think RuPaul pee wee Herman and chevy Ratatataataatata Me in a school when someone repeats what they said 100 times  and i`m still like Calculator giving unexpected results? Radians  When my dog thinks im the best. The line must be drawn here! I will make Uber PAy! When you Forgot To do your homework and you teacher is giving you an F in the whole class Thinking is like reading your own mind Me every Friday  I'm glad  when someone tells me they are sick of me but i secretly hate them Karl Malone Says Republicans are racist! to battle! There isn't any food there is just a bunch of ingredients to make food I got them big rocks in my ear, nuggets I got my whole team flooded Saks Off Fifth, I'm with your bitch She buying everything I wanted