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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens My life is pain Chicks dig me Because I rarely wear underwear and I donated to st  Jude When you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you, cowboy. At this point what difference does it make?  DON'T GET CHEAP ON ME, DODGSON You're a cunt! You weren't there, man. You weren't there.

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When I get the urge to touch myself I call Jim cause he has soft hands Lock and load Taking my frenchie for a walk Computer Y u no let me use wifi? I don't always wish Tabitha Happy Birthday But when I do It's her birthday I don’t always with people a happy birthday. But I’ll make an exception for you Mark!  Coffin dance Poop I'm not saying its KB/M But KB/M

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You know what Pew Pew Pew is it has lasers in it I’m not sayin’ it’s aliens me when im gliding:  I want food from the back of the fridge but it's blocked by all the food in the front of the fridge Yeah I see  You Both!  наша ца My hair? aliens Starts a fight Let bros handle it when i get mad at the poleece i burn down the whitehouse Six of us got into that chopper I was the only one dragged out me when my brother begs I've just pissed my pants... ...and nobody can do anything about it I had a job interview yesterday your boss is a really nice guy! you're never too old for cock!  Run Chora! Run!!