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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens Just do it!!! do it now!!! At this point what difference does it make? roses are red,violts are blue, FUCK.YOU. I don't always take out the recycling but when I do, I look like a raging alcoholic. I don't always post on Facebook but when I do, it must be your birthday 30? Not bad  Moist.

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Bobby Salehi Houston Tx Bobby Salehi Houston Tx I’m not saying it’s aliens . . . But it’s aliens I'm not saying you're an alien but you're an alien Im not saying it was security software but it was security software Thanks for The birthday messages kamdev vashikaran 9950155702 I don’t always post But when I do I’m annoyed LOL

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Wanna buy these pills? Dads heart medication steals a tv how does that work Yes.  y u no like halal pig feet when u bought six and got two halal pork egg rolls?? Dat booty  got me like I dont always wish a Happy Birthday But when I do its for you Barry Knowledge I don't always talk to queers... But when I do his name is Robbie. Only my clarinet Can drown out their screams I don’t Facebook anymore, but when I do, It’s to thank y’all for the Birthday wishes If you’re driving a stolen Tesla Would it be considered an Edison? When you dance naked And your mom walks in playing my colony without the auto-save  life is gud  when neotheone calls you ur the man