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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens Bazi geceler Seninle islandi gozlerim yoklugun da varligin da acisiyla benzer sevgilim..
uyu simdi zaten benimle konusmuyorsun .. Fuck me in the ass Harder harder faster faster At this point what difference does it make? chicks dig me cause i rarely wear anything but pajamas I don't always take out the recycling but when I do, I look like a raging alcoholic. Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear is abducted by aliens doesn't get anal probed

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I don't always vote but when I do it's for Dannerys i'm not saying the problem may be your code ... but the problem may be your code chicks dig me cause i rarely wear anything but pajamas chicks dig me cause i rarely wear anything but pajamas to work approve your payroll do it now! Approve your payroll do it now! I don’t always listen to The Rolling Stones. But when I do, so do my neighbors. ... and this is ... the sum up...

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Yo Imma pay you back when my next album drops this hat is quite... fruity. I DONT ALWAYS TALK TO QUEERS But when I do I tell my cuz.... Jerry keep it in the closet i don't always wish people    happy birthday but when i do it's to exceptional guys like    jack keefe  Nobody cares about me anymore. No, I'm not a psychopath Let's just say i analysed you I've just pissed my pants... ...and nobody can do anything about it Buys new Jordans Can't pay child support Who fucks who first You, or the iPhone? Makes a chocolate milkshake Yard gets filled with boys Orders five beers with dinner Hey guys, let's just split the check I had a job interview yesterday your boss is a really nice guy! that's what it looks like?!?! y u no cry for man who got penis stuck in bench? he might have had shook yang attack! Youre going for a walk tonight?? Where are we going? Illuminati? Don't be ridiculous Aliens