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must be some koind of extraterrestrial If 2020 was a Zoom call  Don't get Woke on me, Joanneson Can blind people see when they dream? Come on man, just say it you think Kirk made a better captain im not saying it was aliens but it was aliens  what the frak?  Not bad

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when yor parents take your phone you why you think elon musk cares that you're leaving twitter by the way i still jerked off on zoom check your blood sugar check it often  I'll play your game, you rogue Moo That's the sound your mother made last night  You're going to like the way you Bass I Guarantee it

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meme generator y u no work properly?! Gets elected as class president Assassinated  You had one job I am the acorn that becomes the oak Let's leave Skype on so we can watch each other sleep Gets drunk and pukes on floor puts bathroom mat over top of it At this point what difference does it make? They buried my post I buried their bodies  i want cookies!  I think it sucks Am I the only one here that thinks everyone needs to chill the f%#k out??!!  When my brother looks in the mirror Goes on double date other guy gets a threesome  Boss plays hide and seek never seen again