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If 2020 was a Zoom call  Patriarchy! Wins a free cruise Titanic meme generator y u no work properly?! There isn't any food there is just a bunch of ingredients to make food  Don't get cheap on me, Dodgson. I'm not saying it was aliens but it was aliens Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear

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We don't have no beer just tequila when you go coolie LOL when the nuggies come out cold BRUH  YOU n'WAH Michael Where’s your mom? When think of tough I think ford trucks! When I think bowtie I think RuPaul pee wee Herman and chevy bbbbbbbbbommb tttttttttt Toilet seat going wrong… Aliens

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 I read something interesting yesterday your emails. Am I the only one here that thinks everyone needs to chill the f%#k out??!! How did they find out all about the dinosaurs? Like how did they know their names? Quanlingling Bugglesmith Jonathan Fingernoodle Jr Gets elected as class president Assassinated U are a badass  Fucking the hell i love furries what did u say? Run, Forrest, Run! If an illegal immigrant fought a child molester would it be Alien vs. Predator? How I feel being stuck at home with my family because of Coronavirus! Brrt Whop, Whop Got gang in this bitch Drilltime, what you cookin' up, my nigga? Promises change Changes promise You're a cunt i guarantee it gli indiani che bestemmiano nick consapevole di aver distruttol'intera comunita hacker indiana  I have a mole?