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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens My life is pain I don’t always send birthday memes But when I do it’s to legends At this point what difference does it make? Chicks dig me Because I rarely wear underwear and I donated to st  Jude I'm not saying it was aliens But it was aliens You're a cunt! When you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you, cowboy.

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 but hey oim the best when u join the band on the football feild  sup due due dady Happy Birthday Don Stay sexy my friend I'm not saying it's travellers... I’m not saying it was DCOTA…. But it was DCOTA yo mama in the morning So you blew load in Ashley Now we're feeding ur friends

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I'm not saying it was a Gloster Gladiator... But it was a Gloster Gladiator! is abducted by aliens doesn't get anal probed Seasons 2015/16 Chelsea Fan First time anal get to da showa! no me suelen gustar los cambios de ultima hora pero este me parece correcto  I DON'T ALWAYS VOTE but when I do, I vote for nayla nana tell me again how you want to achieve your goals, make more money  But don't have time to learn right now I'm not saying your an alien But you must be an alien Hey,  I don't worry. I'm  What the frak?  tacos    Saiyad Saiyad how i feel being stuck at home with my family because of coronavirus! I don’t always post on Facebook But when I do, everyone makes fun of me