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I don’t always vote for  Sheriff Butt when I do I vote Bill Overton Every day I ask thanos why I survived Discovers new insect species turns out to look into a mirror Bro I can't afford gas, could you give me a ride? Buys cigs why did you scold harvey, willy?? that's antisemitic!!! i don't care if you're a dead jew!!! i'll throw your corpse out of a helicopter in mein next movie!!!!! lui e'in pellegrinaggio... ...a San Faustino... i just punched Dat bootay!!!  alien forums i dont always talk about sgt. lambert but when i do its funny as shit your bathroom which way!!! buy bath salts online,Buy Xanax Alprazolam online,Buy Oxycodone online,Buy Tramadol Online,Buy Morphine Online,Methedrone, crystal meth CHIEFS E JELWE  наша ца I’m not saying it was rich people But it was rich peoeple  Buy LSD blotter online