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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens My life is pain I don’t always send birthday memes But when I do it’s to legends At this point what difference does it make? Chicks dig me Because I rarely wear underwear and I donated to st  Jude I'm not saying it was aliens But it was aliens You're a cunt! When you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you, cowboy.

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  don't get cheap on me Jerry I am not saying he was Black But he wasn't white one does not simply wear a mask because nosey bastards do too I know it's not a word but... it's a word! I am not sayin it's a word... but it's a word! I don't always send special birthday greetings But when I do, it's to my best bestie!  Don't get woke on me dodgson

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I don't always share pda's on social media but when I do, I make them awwwwsome I don’t always listen to the Metallic But when I do, so do my neighbors I don’t always build fars But when I do, they are the prettiest fars you will ever see! Happy Birthday Mark Zecy Stay Sexy My Friend Trump killed a proven iranian terrorist general... What difference at this point does it make?  Every single day I ask God why I survived Mama! ¿Dónde está mi corona? Oh, you lost your union-backed manufacturing job that paid $25 /hour to turn a screw and now refuse to work because no one pays enough? Please tell me more about how the kids today are spoiled and should take what they can get in the job market.  you dont have ammo? I think..... I went OOC.....
crap. I don’t always listen to rock But when I do it’s hard Not Bad For a Russian Puts eye drops in Super glue you.... you STOLE MY game tHAT WAS USLES!!!! I'm not saying it was permissions But it was permissions