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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens is abducted by aliens doesn't get anal probed Fuck me in the ass Harder harder faster faster I don't always take out the recycling but when I do, I look like a raging alcoholic. When bald people wash their face how far up do they go? Dating a blind girl Says she wants to start seeing other people  Found your porn magazines cut out all the faces and put mine instead

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goes on date with a girl with one leg she breaks the other one trying to run out on him i always hate the statue of liberty but in this case i shall make an exception since it's a damn good meme!!!!!  I'm not saying it's suspicious but it is suspicious The Aliens I don't understand your question, but the answer is ALIENS

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 fired from work posts one liners I went into Russia And came out a spy RPF Prepare For battle They should make a microwave that cools stuff down Am i the only one around here That still likes dead memes?!?! I’m not saying it’s aliens . . . But it’s aliens They said my pitch was sharp I showed them sharp   alien forums  likasluru Nooo really? Sees your grammatical error doesn't correct becaUSE HE KNOWS WHAT YOU MEANT