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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens is abducted by aliens doesn't get anal probed Currently serving ten years for monkey business At this point what difference does it make? TO BATTLE! My favorite meal? Coffee and the blood of my enemies. soy face!

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אני לא מצלם הרבה זימה אבל כשאני כן, אני נראה כמו אל יווני Happy Birthday, Hector Ivan Stay sexy, my friend. I'm not saying it was mesh problems But it was mesh problems don't burn the town down. do like us open a bunch of black casinos yep this should attract some riot assholes white lives fucking idiots! when i get mad at the poleece i burn down the whitehouse  I don't always wish a happy BDay to a sexy babe! but when i do, i make sure she's you!

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I know you just talk to me for three hours on the phone but I missed you so much.... So why haven’t you called me back yet? BEWARE MIA CRUZ KICKSTARTER I guess alexander looks like... ...Alexander If ancient aliens didn't exist... then how did they build everything? I’m not saying it was rich people But it was rich peoeple girlfriends dad comes home get to the chopper! What's more white privileged than claiming you're an american indian to get into a good college, and the going back to being white after you graduate? collapse of cabal? Aliens  brianites Can't open bag of chips because fingers are too greasy from first bag of chips When you find out Sonic the movie will be a thing  Subluxations Aliens is the only possible conclusion sees your name on the cheese in the fridge writes down your name on the ham I'm not saying it was francis but it was francis I'm not saying it's aliens... Im saying **** IOWA!!!