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If 2020 was a Zoom call You're gonna like the way you look I Guarantee It Wins a free cruise Titanic I'm not saying it was aliens but it was aliens What is it It’s a fake buys mail order bride friendzoned  You Touch My Truck I Punch You Face

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 i cut your pee pee off FAKE NEWS You Touch My Truck I Punch You Face   Barkhad

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 It's a FAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! Has sex dream Wakes up with AIDS  I have a mole? Thinking is like reading your own mind Gets bitten by a zombie shoots self in head i love furries what did u say? opens own business gets fired Poop Never mind I did a poo already You weren't there, man. you weren't there. Doesn't forward chain mail DIES Wins a free cruise Titanic Estou pronto para a batalha contra o THE CAT KKK How did they find out all about the dinosaurs? Like how did they know their names? when friend invitetes you to there house while your reading RANGERS APPRENTICE: Im busy  i know it when you do something stuped