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slow down there turbo If 2020 was a Zoom call I'm not saying it was aliens but it was aliens Girl:i really like him Me: Survey says I’m dead! You can't eat all that candy You underestimate my power  what the frak? Wins a free cruise Titanic

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Survey says I’m dead! u wanna be fer us obama] ... some one] who wanna go huntin me] ... i love furries what did u say? Benn said he built this? Aliens helped Girl:i really like him Me: I'm not saying it is the flu but... It is the flu  Quit jerking me around

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Marilize Legajuana Why the fuck does Batman use that voice around people that know he is bruce wayne? Yeah can I just get a cup for water? Fills with soda I fuck men for I have run out of women There isn't any food there is just a bunch of ingredients to make food  First time anal Plays monopoly at McDonalds Luxury tax pay $75.00 Can blind people see when they dream?  You had one job Has sex dream Wakes up with AIDS You weren't there, man. you weren't there. I'm not in a cage you're in a cage! Not bad for a Russian  Not bad I read something interesting yesterday your emails. Grows up and finds out he was a meme gets laid because of it