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Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian is a tragic display of a teenage boy with braces who just can't seem to catch a break. Memes generally begin with Brian doing something potentially awesome, only to end in complete despair.

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is abducted by aliens doesn't get anal probed Walks in on parents having sex Gets a boner prince charles warns about global warming walks outside after his conferance and gets severe frostbite Parents get divorced no one wants custody

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meets the woman of his dreams wets his pants! This is the last photo of Brian Before he chops his own dick off finally loses virginity gets AIDS wins the lottery the draft Parents get divorced no one wants custody Finds water in the desert DROWNS Wins a free trans-Atlantic cruise Titanic Wins a free ride on an airship Hindenburg

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Thinks he's gonna do good in the Cloud battle Comes last Has a fight Shits ACCIDENTALLY RECEIVES NUDES FROM SISTER Goes to get braces removed gets his dick chopped off Goes to stripclub Mom works there my uncle had a cunty face that no one talks about goes on date with a girl with one leg she breaks the other one trying to run out on him Discovers new insect species turns out to look into a mirror Plans his own Birthday party Isn't invited.  buys nba all star ticket for $180, puts add he will sell it for $1000 Several messages say if he pays $500 the ticket will be disposed of by biohazard team Sees the ugly fat old neighboor bending  before him Éjaculate in his pants Wants to fuck Siri Fucks iPhone Touched by jesus In Mexican prison Finally gets my self-esteem back Dad starts pointing out all my flaws. Plays with himself Loses

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