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Private Pooch

It's a dog wearing a watermelon hat. Looks like he could be a soldier in the mighty dog army.

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U napad na dostavljača Screw your graphs Im sleeping!  Private pooch reporting for duty prepare for... BATTLE (I is gonna win)

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bella be like U napad na dostavljača how to: get the knowledge   life is gud  Prepare For battle Preparing      for The battle

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prepare for... BATTLE (I is gonna win) Yeah I see  You Both!  Prepare For battle TO BATTLE! Preparing      for The battle how to: get the knowledge fun hi....what's my hat made of?
 watermeloooon Wants  to   be   A  Steeler Ready        to             meet Michael Vick I love animals! Go to hell if u don't like animals! grrrr Level one Fallout Players be like this hat is quite... fruity.  meh  plz wow wow such hat wow  water Mellon wow doge wow

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