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Private Pooch

It's a dog wearing a watermelon hat. Looks like he could be a soldier in the mighty dog army.

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Prepare For battle meh  Level one Fallout Players be like prepare for... BATTLE (I is gonna win)

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Really  I’m transgender ?️‍⚧️ What you look'in at what me like watermelon so i made a hat hi hi my name jeff like sub so this doggo will  protec your room I did not eat your watermelon when I rule the world I turn in to dogomelon. hi................. what? hi... just leave

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hi... just leave prepare for... BATTLE (I is gonna win) Preparing      for The battle Prepare For battle Hey. Aren't i PUNny? doing my part  blm  Private pooch reporting for duty Screw your graphs Im sleeping! Yeah I see  You Both! hi....what's my hat made of?
 watermeloooon fuck you
 yep this should attract some riot assholes white lives fucking idiots! meh  plz wow wow such hat wow  water Mellon wow doge wow
 Wow hi................. what?

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