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the face I shoot when people ask me stupid shit what if the rainbow is peggasus blood? If you’re driving a stolen Tesla Would it be considered an Edison? Can loo Lotr?

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shut up bitch everyone hates you ME WHEN I GO EZ!: if air is so important to survival why cant i see, smell, taste, hear, or feel it? Let me think no america how another test this is a test If Christmas is based on a lie, and Satan is the father of the lie (John 8:44), does that make Satan Father Christmas?

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ME WHEN I GO EZ!: harvey weinstein tried to grab my crotch i didn't bite his head off since i was in shock since jews will grab anything's crotch! watch out only get away with this once!!!!  america how What if there were no hypothetical questions? If Israel's god parted the red sea for them why did he have them build the wall around jerusalem? couldn't he have done it???? Who fucks who first You, or the iPhone? If your first beer always tastes bad who thought it was a good idea to keep on drinking? If the early bird gets the worm doesn't the early worm get eaten? If you’re driving a stolen Tesla Would it be considered an Edison? save him or eat him Nothing is ever absolute... but that statement is an absolute. If camera lenses are round how come pictures turn out rectangular? Can loo Lotr? One of the Ten commandments says Thou shalt not kill so why did the israeli's god give them permission to kill men, women, and children???? what if the rainbow is peggasus blood?

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