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Ancient Aliens

Based on History Channel's TV series with the same name starring alien expert Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, who often tends to explain inexplicable phenomena as the direct result of aliens or extraterrestrials being on Earth. In a somewhat similar fashion to Bill O'Reilly's You Can't Explain That series, the Ancient Aliens macros exaggerate Tsoukalos' beliefs to such an extent that they become humorous.

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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens I'm not saying it was aliens But it was aliens I'm not saying she's a bitch but she's a bitch I'm not saying it was the internet but it was the internet

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when you think you have a good invention then you find out someone already invented that  sup due due dady I'm not saying it's travellers... I’m not saying it was DCOTA…. But it was DCOTA yo mama in the morning I'm not saying it was aliens ...but it was illegal aliens Stop It  Get some help I'M Not Saying It's Treason... But it's treason!!!

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I'm not saying it's jews it's jews Im not saying trump colluded with aliens But he colluded with aliens Not saying what caused the hole but... It was aliens! I'm not saying it was boring but it was boring I'm not saying it was you but... it was you I am not saying that it was Azure... But it's Azure I'm not saying I'm like Hamilton But I'm just like hamilton Not saying the game was rigged. But it was rigged. I'm not saying it was aliens, but... Bird Aliens turquoise sky over Astoria? Aliens I'm not saying I can beat a 48-core Intel Xeon Platinum CPU... ...but I can beat a 48-core intel Xeon Platinum CPU! I am not saying it was aliens It was Broncos I'm Nott saying its Nott Nox but I'm Nott Nott saying its Nott NoX  aliens. You ran over an alien... Taylor’s Towing and Wrecker it wasn't the Corona virus but we're saying it was the Corona virus

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