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Ancient Aliens

Based on History Channel's TV series with the same name starring alien expert Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, who often tends to explain inexplicable phenomena as the direct result of aliens or extraterrestrials being on Earth. In a somewhat similar fashion to Bill O'Reilly's You Can't Explain That series, the Ancient Aliens macros exaggerate Tsoukalos' beliefs to such an extent that they become humorous.

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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens I'm not saying it was aliens But it was aliens I'm not saying she's a bitch but she's a bitch I'm not saying it was the internet but it was the internet

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 not saying the Kate awakening is Pychic, but kate is psychic I’m not saying it was aliens, but… It was aliens. Okay my bad Cowboys and Aliens I'm not saying its KB/M But KB/M I'm not saying I'm like Hamilton But I'm just like hamilton i'M NOT SAYING HE'S DRINKING THE kOOL-aIDE bUT THE pITCHER'S A CUP LOW. I do not say i want a printed copy but i want a printed copy

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 alien forums Nu zic ca nu exista corona virus Dar nu exista corona virus   Bugs everywhere Although the tree hockey playuh was 6 feet 6 inches tall I've seen its coffin and this size will hold its ashes!!!! I'm not saying it was aliens, but... Bird Aliens I'm not saying it was you but... it was you aliens didn't make the nfl disappear the players did that themselves and there's no trace of it left!!!!!!!!! I inhaled Clorox and tested negative for covaids I'm not saying it's related. But it's related i'm Not saying it's gonna be syracuse but it's gonna be syracuse I am not saying it was Bran... But it was Bran.  Communication I'm not saying I love dicks But I love dicks Illuminati? Don't be ridiculous Aliens I'm not saying alex looks like alexander... ...but alex looks like alexander I'm not saying it was a Gloster Gladiator... But it was a Gloster Gladiator!

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