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Ancient Aliens

Based on History Channel's TV series with the same name starring alien expert Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, who often tends to explain inexplicable phenomena as the direct result of aliens or extraterrestrials being on Earth. In a somewhat similar fashion to Bill O'Reilly's You Can't Explain That series, the Ancient Aliens macros exaggerate Tsoukalos' beliefs to such an extent that they become humorous.

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I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens I'm not saying that the Coronavirus was alien made But it was Aliens! Covid-19...I’m not saying it was aliens But it was aliens I'm not saying it's suspicious but it is suspicious

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UNIFI I'm not saying it was E-Cigarettes, But it was E-cigarettes Getting Bored Make memes Covid-19...I’m not saying it was aliens But it was aliens collapse of cabal? Aliens I'm not saying if you run outa tp aliens won't probe you but... Uranus I don't believe in conspiracy theories But... Conspiracy Theory I Don't believe in conspiracy theory But, Conspiracy Theory

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 Australians  BOSS I'm not saying I love dicks But I love dicks I'm not saying it was the internet but it was the internet I'm not saying it's an alien But it's an alien If it wasn't aliens It was aliens I'm not saying aliens made the coffee but they did Although the tree hockey playuh was 6 feet 6 inches tall I've seen its coffin and this size will hold its ashes!!!! I'm not saying it was ancient earth People But it was ancient earth people ... and this is ... the sum up...  ALGORITHMS UNIFI I'm not saying it was Kwik-Fit It was definately Kwik-fit  brianites Not saying the game was rigged. But it was rigged. im not saying it was hair aliens but it was hair aliens

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